12-Year-Old Raises $10,500 To Save Grandma From Foreclosure

It’s such stuff as uplifting after-school specials are made on. A plucky Wisconsin tween recently managed to raise enough money to save his grandmother from losing a house that had been in the family for three generations.

The boy’s 72-year-old grandmother had begun falling behind on her mortgage payments in 2010 and her house was slated for a foreclosure auction on Feb. 15.

But the 12-year-old took to the internet to create this website explaining his grandma’s situation and asking people to help the woman who had helped so many others over the years by serving as a foster parent to hundreds of children.

“My Grandma incase you don’t know her has a heart of gold. She has given so much to our community since I can remember!!!” he wrote on Jan. 5.

Within a month, he’d raised $10,500 from donors as far away as California. Earlier this week, he signed over all the donated cash to the bank so that the foreclosure auction would not take place.

“He’s always putting others before himself, even as a little child,” the boy’s mother tells ABC News. “I think he got it from seeing the foster kids come into my mom’s home.”

Wisconsin Boy Saves Grandma’s House From Foreclosure [ABC News]

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