Starting A Mall-Closing Riot Won't Make Those Cool New Shoes Any Less Sold Out

There is no way to go back in time and have those super neat sneaks you want be the opposite of sold out. So you know what you shouldn’t do? Start a brawl that ends up closing the mall. No one wins in that situation, especially the innocent lady checking out the latest range of cinnamons in the House of Spice a few stores down, so keep your cool.

A mall in Maryland was evacuated and shut down after crowds at Footlocker caused a melee over Nike’s new Foam sneakers, says Baltimore’s WJZ News.

“Just a fight going on down there at Foot Locker. Arguments; someone said that there was knives pulled,” said one mall employee.

Police responded and moved all the customers outside. The riot-like conditions were prompted by the fact that there were 150 people trying to buy only 90 pairs of available shoes, which sold out in minutes. Cops had tried to keep conditions smooth by allowing customers in five at a time.

Fighting over popular items is nothing new, especially as some customers try to buy up as much of something as they can, only to turn around and sell it for a profit on the Internet. But before you brawl, take a lesson from the Target shoppers in Miami who got revenge on a greedy duo for snapping up most of the Jason Wu line — just take videos and shame them all over the Internet.

Maryland Mall Evacuated & Locked Down After Sneaker Fight [WJZ News]

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