The Art Of Making Public Restroom Breaks Less Icky

Practicing solid bathroom hygiene is a great way to keep from getting sick, and doing so is especially important when using heavily trafficked, rarely cleaned public lavatories. The nastier the bathroom, the more unique the health challenges they present.

QualityHealth makes these recommendations to keep germs from other peoples’ waste out of your system:

* Wash your hands correctly. The three-second routine doesn’t cut it. Rub your soaped-up hands together under warm water for half a minute.

* Flush with your feet. The toilet’s flush lever may be the most contaminated surface area in the bathroom. If you can manage the acrobatics, kick it with your foot rather than using your hand.

* Open the door with a paper towel as a hand barrier You don’t want to undo all your hard hand-washing work by touching a disgusting door handle. Keep your paper towel in hand to open the door for an extra layer of safety.

Are Public Restrooms Making You Sick? [QualityHealth]

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