H&M Comes Up With Charitable Settlement Over Stolen Design

You may remember a story from a few weeks back about Atlanta-area artist Tori LaConsay whose “You Look Nice Today” sign was plastered all over everything from shirts to bags to doormats by the folks at H&M, all without even making an attempt to notify LaConsay. At the time, the retailer said it was looking into the matter and was in touch with the artist’s lawyer. Now the sides have worked out an agreement that should help out organizations that are in need of money.

In a letter to Regretsy.com, which originally broke the story about the design thievery, LaConsay writes that H&M has agreed to donate $3,000 to animal rescue organizations in the East Atlanta Village area where she painted the original sign. And all remaining “You Look Nice Today” stock will be donate to other charitable organizations.

“I am especially pleased that this agreement respectfully honors the true intent behind the original artwork, offering a message of love, compassion and community,” writes LaConsay. “I credit the entirety of this WONDERFUL outcome to the support of my friends and neighbors, the East Atlanta Village, and most of all, the Regretsy community. If it weren’t for the kindness, generosity and determination in communities both geographic and digital, we would not have reached this resolution… H&M has done the right thing. I thank them. They Look Nice Today.”

As you may remember, H&M found itself the target of an internet beat-down when it flat-out denied that the design had been stolen, and then later said it was merely inspired by the original, in spite of being almost identical.

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