Man Unwittingly Lets Grandkids Run Up $10,000 In Roaming Charges By Streaming Netflix

Doting grandparents know how to keep kids distracted on a family vacation — let’em watch videos to their hearts’ content so they quit whining about visiting boring monuments. Unfortunately for one Canadian man, he wasn’t banking on the roaming charges he’d rack up to stream Netflix in the states.

The New York Daily News says Saskatchewan resident John was on a trip to Phoenix with his family, and when the kiddies started to get bored, he let them use the laptop, outfitted with a wireless card, to watch movies.

Boy, was he surprised when he got the bill from his provider, which was gargantuan due to the constant Internet use and roaming charges.

“It was over $10,000,” he said. “I went, ‘Good Lord.'”

It seems Canadian providers aren’t quick to stick massive charges to their customers, however, as SaskTel agreed to lower his $10,668.38 bill to $1,000 when he called to explain the situation. John’s learned his lesson, and says he’ll fork over the cash gratefully.

Canadian charged more than $10,000 for letting kids watch Netflix [New York Daily News]

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