According To Taiwanese Commercial, Steve Jobs Is In Heaven Playing With Android Phones

Since we don’t really know what happens to us when we pass on, a Taiwanese commercial is taking advantage of the unknown and picturing heaven as a place where Steve Jobs can finally play with Android phones to his heart’s content. Which is very likely, considering he called them “sh#!” while he was alive.

Taiwan-based Action Electronics Co.’s new spot for their Android-powered tablet PC and multi-language dictionary features comedian Ah-Ken all decked out in Jobs’ iconic jeans and black turtleneck outfit. Oh and he has a halo and wings, because of course he’d be an angel.

“Introducing the new generation of the pad,” he says, before revealing the Action Pad and showing it off. “Thank God I finally get to play other tablets!” “

This is a hilarious scenario, because as Reuters points out, the late Jobs called Android many things, including fecal matter, and said in his biography he was going to “destroy” it, as well as being prepared to go into “thermonuclear war” over it.

But Action Electronics is spinning that hatred a totally different way.

“Steve Jobs always promoted things that were good for people, Apple products, so his image can also promote other things that are good,” said Chelsea Chen, a spokeswoman for Action Electronics.

We get it! Now that’s he’s no longer among the living, rival companies can just make up what they want him to say from beyond the grave, apparently.

Angelic “Steve Jobs” loves Android in Taiwan TV ad [Reuters]


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  1. FrugalFreak says:

    That is NO Steve Jobs, not even close.

  2. Cat says:

    This is such bullshit. Everybody knows he’s CEO of Heaven now.

    Lawsuit in 3, 2, 1…

  3. n0th1ng says:

    Too soon? Oh who am I kidding it’s never too soon.

  4. u1itn0w2day says:

    Plenty of Chinese factory workers that probably wish Jobs was down below.

  5. Straspey says:

    Steve Jobs arrived in Heaven only to discover that…

    …God is a PC

  6. Such an Interesting Monster says:

    I’m not entirely sure he’s in the land of halos and wings…

  7. crispyduck13 says:

    I’m not offended or mad at them for basically shitting on a dead man’s memory, although it is in very poor taste. However, how insecure does a company need to be to do something like this?

    It just screams “hey look at us, because not enough people are and we need to move these peices of junk!”

    • Such an Interesting Monster says:

      But isn’t that pretty much what Jobs built his empire on?

      • crispyduck13 says:

        Well if you want to be simple about it yes, every company does this. Drawing attention to your product is the only way people will know about it. I guess it’s the way a company chooses to advertise – you can go classy, sleezy, self-depricating, fear mongering, etc. The Android commercial seems to be going sleezy, with a total humor fail as a side dish.

        • My lawyer made me change my screen name says:

          Somebody is telling me this about [Steve Jobs]? Im sorry sir, but I’m going to break your leg.

  8. anchorworm is really sick of Minnesota weather says:

    Bad taste?…YES, Too soon?…Maybe, Makes me want to buy the pad?…No, Funny?…Oh Hells yeah.

  9. Quirk Sugarplum says:

    Steve’s silence clearly indicates his approval. Either that or he’s busily engaged with 14 former Foxconn employees.

  10. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    I envisioned Steve Jobs arriving at heaven’s gate, with St Peter opening a giant leather bound book to search for his name, slowly turning each page. Then Mr. Jobs says “you know, I could get you an app for that.”

  11. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    Nah. If we want to pretend that one or more religions are true, Jobs is spending his eternity in hell having to deal with his own crappy products – that perpetually drop calls, turn yell, or self-immolate all the time. The grandest con artist of our time most certainly would not be welcome in heaven.

  12. hdhrant says:

    Of all the possibilities, Steve Jobs in heaven seems the least likely. The most likely is obviously that his consciousness was eternally ended when he died in October. Somewhere in between those two in terms of probability, and by a large margin the most just outcome, would surely be that Steve Jobs has been reincarnated as a baby girl in China who will get to spend both her childhood and adult years working in a factory in China assembling iPhones.

  13. ThinkingBrian says:

    I think its time to end all of this Steve Jobs BS and let the man RIP. Jobs was a brilliant man who gave us so much from evolving mobile devices to the Toy Story movies (Pixar) and show us were the future in technology and animation is going.

    FYI: Yes I am a iTunes user, but also an Android user in the form of a Smartphone and tablet.

  14. katarzyna says:

    Nah, ain’t buying it. Right after Jobs died, my android phone started acting buggy. I figured he was haunting it from beyond the grave.

  15. asten77 says:

    For whatever success Steve Jobs had, being a nice human being was not one of them. There’s no way he’d go to heaven.

  16. NotEd says:

    Best version I’ve seen of this is a comic where Steve Jobs arrives in heaven and complains that he’s a Buddhist and he should of been reincarnated.
    The last frame has him as an assembly line worker at Foxconn putting together iPhones.

    Sorry I couldn’t find a link to the actual comic.

    • Peter V says:

      I’ve seen that, it’s hilarious!

    • klippies says:



      This is one of those errors typically made by a person more familiar with the spoken than the written form of English. A sentence like “I would have gone if anyone had given me free tickets” is normally spoken in a slurred way so that the two words “would have” are not distinctly separated, but blended together into what is properly rendered “would’ve.” Seeing that “V” tips you off right away that “would’ve” is a contraction of “would have.” But many people hear “would of” and that’s how they write it. Wrong.

  17. Emily says:

    Please. Using Android products would be hell for Steve Jobs (and me).

    I rather suspect that if there’s a heaven he’s in it.