TSA Employee Accused Of Lifting 8 iPads That Were Definitely Not His

A Transportation Security Administration worker at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport stands accused of theft, after cops say he was found with eight iPads he’d boosted from checked luggage. Looting bags has become too popular of a pastime these days, but luckily one owner used his device’s tracking system to locate the pilfered pad.

Local news WFAA says the suspects works in the terminal, at an out-of-sight-position called the “Resolution Room” where luggage is screened by hand. Police claim that’s where he boosted the electronics passengers had packed.

One of the alleged theft victims tracked down the missing iPad, right to the employee’s home. Cops say they then found the TSA worker with the seven additional iPads at work.

He’s on administrative leave until the agency investigates his case. The TSA doesn’t want everyone to get scared, however, adding in their statement that just because one guy steals stuff, doesn’t mean they all will.

“The action of one individual in no way reflects on the outstanding job our more than 50,000 security officers do every day.”

While not every worker is going to loot your luggage, there have been a disturbing number of instances of TSA agents stealing cash and electronics or leaving creepy notes about vibrators in checked baggage.

*Thanks for the tip, David!

TSA agent at D/FW Airport suspected of stealing iPads [WFAA.com]

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