Speed Up Your Reading Ability

In the Information Age, the speed-reader is king. The faster you read, the more information you’ll be able to process and put to use. While skimming has its advantages, you always retain more information if you actually look at every word.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide offers some tips to help you speed up your reading ability.

One technique calls for using your index finger or mouse pointer as a reference point. You can move the point down line by line, letting your eyes whip across the page then move down without accidentally rereading anything you’re past.

Other advice calls for looking at sets of words in chunks, and processing their collective meaning together, almost as one word. You can practice the method until it becomes second nature, shaving time off each sentence.

Blocking out background noise and distractions will also speed up your pace and allow you to concentrate and retain your info more effectively.

How to Speed Read [The Complete Idiot’s Guide]

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