Before You Get A Pet, Determine How Much Money It Will Steal From You

When you’re looking for a pet, you’re probably thinking with your heart rather than running a cost-benefit analysis. But animal sidekicks come with a plethora of hidden challenges, including financial demands that you’ll need to make sure you can handle.

ImpulseSave gives you a heads-up to overlooked expenses pets can rack up:

* Accessories. While some of these are superfluous, such as sweaters, bandanas and fancy toys, others are necessary. Collars, leashes, crates, litter boxes and outside shelters are just some of the things you’ll find your pet needs once you bring it home.

* Medical bills. Most pets don’t live as long as people, meaning you’ll likely live through their declining years, when vet bills can really rack up. And some pets have special diet demands that can only be filled by expensive foods. There are also immunizations, regular check-ups and other awful surprises that always tend to come up when your funds dip low.

* Grooming. It takes money and time to keep your pet looking and smelling reasonably good. Some pets need haircuts or pedicures that are best done by a professionals. If you don’t have time to walk your dog and plan on enlisting a dog walking service, that’s another fee to account for.

Win At Life: The True Cost Of Pet Ownership [ImpulseSave]

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