Redbox Says It Will Get Its Own Warner Bros. DVDs From Now On

Unhappy with the Warner Bros. plan to keep its DVDs away from rental companies for 56 days after release, Redbox says it will no longer buy DVDs from the studio and instead get them through “alternative means.”

The news is yet another sign that rental companies and movie studios aren’t getting along. Recently, HBO said it will stop selling DVDs to Netflix.

Now that Redbox will be going its own way with Warner Bros. movies, this presumably means that customers will be able to rent films soon after release rather than having to wait several weeks. If the “alternative means” end up costing Redbox more money, we’ll see if they result in another Redbox price bump.

According to Deadline, Redbox is getting a bit snippy, with a company rep pointing out it buys DVDs directly from every other studio.

Redbox Vows To Acquire Warner Bros DVDs “Through Alternative Means” [Deadline]

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