Do You Use Your Mobile Phone In The Bathroom?

We’ve all got that person at work who just yakkety yaks away on their phone in the bathroom, and it’s probably the same guy/gal who uses their shoe to flush and opens the door with a paper towel (so inconsistent, germaphobes!) Hey, maybe that’s even you, because as a new survey says, lots of us use our mobile devices in the john. No judgment!

Android users are the most likely to tippety tap or talk in the tinkle room, at 87%, BlackBerry folks are close at 84% and iPhoners trail at 77%, says Mobile Burn. But of those smartphone users, BlackBerry people are the most likely to answer or make a phone call while on the can, and iPhone users are more likely to be socially networking or using an app.

Generational divides play a big part in how much we use our phones in the parked position: A whopping 91% of those born from 1977 to 1993, admit to phone usage in the loo, compared to about half of those over the age of 65.

How about you guys?

For more facts and figures from the survey check out Mobile Burn.

Bathroom time means mobile phone time for many users [Mobile Burn]

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