Woman Claims Husband's Ashes Went Missing After TSA Made Her Move Them To Checked Baggage

A woman flying from Philadelphia to England to return her deceased husband’s ashes to his hometown says US Airways lost them somewhere along the way to her destination. That is what is called a major, major fail.

Angeline says she was told by Transportation Security Administration officials that she couldn’t bring the ashes through airport security with her as part of her carry-on baggage. So she went to the US Airways counter and placed them in her checked luggage and told WCAU-TV (via the Associated Press) that when she arrived in England, the ashes had disappeared.

US Airways says it’s looking into the matter and working with the TSA to figure out what happened, and hopefully, locate the remains.

The TSA’s official site says passengers can carry cremated remains on board, as long as they’re not in a container that appears opaque in the X-ray machine.

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