The ShamWow Guy Crawls Out From Wherever He's Been Hiding To Shill His Schticky In New Informercial

Raise your hand if you thought Vince Offer, aka ShamWow guy, was gone from informercials for good after that whole prostitute-punching incident. You were wrong, we all were, as it turns out he’s back with a new product perfectly designed for terrible jokes, the Schticky.

It looks like a lint roller, it moves like a lint roller, and it can remove lint, but the Schticky is touted as a reusable silicone catch-all device in Vince’s new informercial, via Business Insider. And jokes? He’s got’em.

“You’re gonna clean your home in a quickie, when you use your Schticky,” he crows, before moving on to such highbrow fare as showing a cat on a couch with the voiceover, “Problem with that shedding pussy?” and a pal arriving unexpectedly who quickly apologizes, “Oh, you’re playing with your Schticky, I’m sorry.”

Even better, Vince wants to show us all that he can laugh at himself just as much as we all did, with a fake booking photo. Because of course, “Schticky makes you look your best, even for those unforgettable moments.”

And we will never forget the moment we found out the Slap Chop dude brawled with a hooker and didn’t get away with it.

*Thanks to Daniel for the tip!

REJOICE! Slap-Chop Vince Is Back With A New, Insane Product [Business Insider]

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