Techniques To Win Disputes With Customer Service Reps

Losing your cool and taking business transactions personally are excellent ways to turn customer service representatives against you, making sure you’ll have a tough time getting your way. You’ll need to play it cool to give yourself your best shot at success.

Speaking to the author of customer service negotiating book What’s Your Problem?, Alpha Consumer reveals methods that help customers get their way:

* Be willing to take your business away. This doesn’t always apply, but in a competitive industry, businesses are foolish to drive you away by denying a reasonable demand.

* Don’t let one CSR shut the door in your face. If your negotiation with one rep on the phone isn’t going well, you can ask to speak to a superior or just say goodbye, call the company again and hope you connect with someone more reasonable.

* Don’t give up. If you know you’re right and have enough willpower to continue your quest for consumer justice, there’s no reason to give up. Remain calm, stick to the facts, and continue working your way up the ladder until you find someone with the authority to set things right.

How to Solve Any Customer Service Challenge [Alpha Consumer]

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