U.S. Airways Confirms It's Out To Woo American Airlines

Late last week, it was revealed that U.S. Airways was checking out American Airlines’ OKcupid profile in the hope the two could go on a nice coffee date and maybe get married and have a bunch of kids and a huge house in the suburbs. At the time U.S. Airways, who got burned a couple years back after getting hot-and-heavy with United, played coy about its intentions. But today the carrier is being more open about its amorous intentions.

“We are, of course, always interested in studying potential value-enhancing opportunities, and part of studying these opportunities is ensuring we have good counsel,” the airline’s CEO told investors in a conference call earlier today. “Therefore, as has been reported, we have indeed retained (investment bankers) Barclays Capital and Millstein & Co., and (law firm) Latham & Watkins LLP to help us explore our options as they relate to AMR’s bankruptcy.”

It’s like something straight out of Romeo & Juliet!

However, in case this match isn’t made in heaven, the airline’s CEO added that his company will be just fine because, “as today’s [fourth quarter financial] results show, U.S. Airways does not need to participate in consolidation.”

Though U.S. Airways is the smaller of the two carriers, it’s in a better position to acquire American, as the larger airline recently filed for bankruptcy protection.

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