Every Protest Needs An Anthem And This Anti-SOPA Ditty's Got LOLcat Jokes

If only every political issue or very important cause could be explained with a song about LOLcats, maybe everyone would enjoy a higher level of understanding. Case in point: SOPA/PIPA is a big deal to those of us who enjoy the current form of the Internetz. No one wants those adorable cats to go anywhere, right?

The songster sings and accompanies himself on the guitar in the clip, to the tune of “American Pie,” made famous by Don McLean. See what he did there? It’s not his song!

A snippet of the lyrics exploring dangers of SOPA and PIPA includes (gasp!) the death of LOLcats. Cheezburger honcho Ben Huh even makes an inspired cameo, showing his disapproval of SOPA.

“Then along came SOPA/PIPA/The internet’s very own grim reaper/Users could not edit Ars Technica and Reddit/Tumblr, Gawker, Hacker News, and Something Awful sang the blues/And every login was refused/The day the LOLcats died.”

That’s something no one could wish for, which is why we should all “speak up before the Internet dies.”

The Day The LOLcats Died [LaughPong on YouTube]

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