This Receipt-Handling Dog Is Adorable, But Is It Icky?

By now, there’s a chance you are one of the million or so people who have already watched the viral-buzzworthy-internetty-whatever YouTube clip of the dog that apparently works at a veterinarian, where it takes a printout from the printer, takes it to the assistant, who staples a receipt to the page, and then brings the whole thing to the customer.

Scroll down to watch the clip if you haven’t, because why not.

But as a number of people who have written to us to share the clip have pointed out, there is a bit of an ick factor to having your paperwork come straight from the maw of a canine, even a super-cute one that has been remarkably well-trained.

So we wanted to know from y’all where you come out on this topic:

[via Reddit]

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