This Receipt-Handling Dog Is Adorable, But Is It Icky?

By now, there’s a chance you are one of the million or so people who have already watched the viral-buzzworthy-internetty-whatever YouTube clip of the dog that apparently works at a veterinarian, where it takes a printout from the printer, takes it to the assistant, who staples a receipt to the page, and then brings the whole thing to the customer.

Scroll down to watch the clip if you haven’t, because why not.

But as a number of people who have written to us to share the clip have pointed out, there is a bit of an ick factor to having your paperwork come straight from the maw of a canine, even a super-cute one that has been remarkably well-trained.

So we wanted to know from y’all where you come out on this topic:

[via Reddit]


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  1. GTI2.0 says:

    it’s a vets office, who cares?

    • notovny says:

      Indeed. If you are in a Veterinarian’s office for legitimate purposes, you presumably have a filthy monster of your own, and the one owned by the veterinarian is probably in better health than yours is.

      • dangerp says:

        Exactly what I was going to say. If you are in a vet’s office, you are already okay with animals.

        • crispyduck13 says:

          So ‘being ok with animals’ means you totally dig being handed a reciept dripping with dog drool. Got it, just wanted to make sure.

          • Coffee says:

            I guess I’m a fence straddler in this discussion…I don’t really care about the issue, but it’s ridiculous to tell other people how they should feel about handling dog slobber. Especially when veterinary clinics deal with more than just dog and cat owners. What if it’s a bird owner who isn’t fond of furry animals?

            I think the best solution would be to ask customers whether they would like “Cromwell” (or whatever the dog’s name is…I’m not watching the video) to deliver the paperwork and not assume that everyone will be fine with it. If they do that, everyone wins.

    • [redacted] says:

      I would. I have a dog of my own and love him but I don’t want slobber on my paperwork, no matter how adowable it is. To me, it’s not a gross issue. It’s the “I don’t want my paperwork given to me wet” issue.

      On the other hand, I’d probably just politely smile and take the paper anyways.

    • samonela says:

      I WAS IN ‘NAM MAN!!!

    • KyBash says:

      It’s a dog. Their saliva naturally has bacteria which cause serious diseases in people who are already ill.

      Cats don’t have many of these same bacteria.

      Taking a cat to the vet shouldn’t mean being exposed to something that can kill you.

      • raybury says:

        Okay, but dogs sneeze, too, so remember to wear a face mask at the vet’s.

        Oh, and maybe your cat can’t kill you — but you know he or she is plotting anyway.

        • KyBash says:

          Oh, and maybe your cat can’t kill you — but you know he or she is plotting anyway.

          Oh, yeah, well that’s a given. It’s what makes life interesting!

      • MrEvil says:

        It’s only a risk if you have any open wounds on your hands or wherever you happen to come into contact with canine saliva. Even people on Immune-suppressors manage to stay healthy with just a few precautions. A healthy individual has little to fear, odds are you’ve touched far worse in the course of your day.

        And cats aren’t any cleaner either, their feces spreads toxoplasmosis.

  2. penuspenuspenus says:

    Those poor doggies. Imagine getting paper cuts on your mouth.

    • Coupon says:

      That’s what I was thinking! :(

    • thomwithanh says:

      Labradors were bred to carry things in their mouth without damaging them or being damaged by them, they’re the dog of choice for duck hunts – NOT the laughing bulldog as Nintendo would get you to believe ;). Carrying a sheet of paper is a piece of cake for them, and no risk of a paper cut.

  3. Cat says:

    Pet owners don’t regard pet bodily fluids as “icky”, but rather as “Liquid Love”.

    I will never, ever, understand how people let their dogs sleep in their beds with them. Other than the shedding pet hair everywhere, have you never seen your dog rolling in shit outside?

    • gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

      Define bodily fluid? I don’t mind my dog licking me, but I’m not enthused by eye crust, feces or urine. I don’t mind my dog sleeping on my bed because she don’t roll in crap.

      • Cat says:

        “Define bodily fluid?”

        Seriously? A natural bodily fluid or secretion of fluid such as blood, semen, or saliva.

        • gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

          Sorry.I was actually being funny. LOL. I’m quite aware what bodily fluids are.

        • gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

          Sorry.I was actually being funny. LOL. I’m quite aware what bodily fluids are.

    • eturowski says:

      I don’t let my cat sleep in my bed; he lets me sleep in his. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

      Then again, my cat doesn’t roll around in poop outside… but he does lick his (neutered) manly bits and then lick the rest of himself.

      • Cat says:

        Cat, on top of the covers, at the foot of the bed = One thing.

        Dog, under your covers with you = Another.

      • katarzyna says:

        My cats kindly let me sleep in their bed, but only until 5:30 am. After that, they annoy me / head butt me until I get up and leave the bed to them. They’re great alarm clocks, but very annoying on the weekends.

      • IT-Princess: I work in IT, you owe me $1 says:

        :) I have 3 in my bed, and they all have their place. The oldest and middle both sleep at the foot of the bed. My youngest (just over a year old) sleeps at the head, on his own little pillow. If I try to move the pillow he always pulls it back next to me.

        • SmokeyBacon says:

          Some of my cats sleep in my bed (their choice – I would love all of them in there) but one is a total snuggler and really just wants to spoon which I admit is a bit strange. But on a chilly winter night they are way better than any electric blanket.

          That being said I also have one (and had one previously which is where this one got it from I think) that sucks on the blankets (weened too soon as was the previous one) and rolling over to put your hand in cat spit – not a super fun time to be honest. But I tell myself “hey, it is better than a hairball”.

          • IT-Princess: I work in IT, you owe me $1 says:

            Ha! My middle guy does that. Ever since I got him at 6 weeks, he’s been weird with the sucking. Usually it’s just his tail, but he will suckle on it til he dozes off. Sometimes it’s a pillow if it’s a furry one. I stopped worrying about it, each one of my cats has a weird thing and his is kinda adorable.

            • SmokeyBacon says:

              Yeah, I don’t worry about it for the most part but every once in a while when I am half asleep and put my hand in a spot he sucked on – it is a little gross.

    • Coffee says:

      My dogs have all been kennel trained or outside sleepers (when I’ve had them sleep outside, there have always been two of them, and I own large dogs), mostly because I’m slightly allergic. That said, even if I weren’t allergic, I wouldn’t be letting them get on any of my furniture, including the couches and the bed.

    • Snaptastic says:

      When my puppy-mill rescue Pomeranian finally warmed up to me, she would wet herself with happiness whenever I came home. As I cleaned it off the hardwood floor with cleaner, I always thought of it as “puppy joy” moreso than urine.

      My dogs don’t sleep on my bed and I don’t understand how people can stand it. Some of the most sleep-deprived people I knew were people who didn’t realize that their pets’ twitching ,kicking, and shuffling were the main reason for their disturbed sleep patterns. (not to mention dog hair getting into weird places)

      • MrEvil says:

        I think you’re going to have similar problems if you sleep with a significant other. My dad sleeps like a rock with his Shih Tzu curled up at his feet during the winter. In the summer the dog stays on the floor because it’s cooler.

    • Promethean Sky says:

      I’ve never heard THAT phrase used in that context before.

  4. 12345678nine says:


    Yeah, it’s a vet’s office and it’s cute. If someone really didn’t like it, they could just ask for it to not be done for them.

  5. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    I was expecting more exciting and impressive. But why the hell would you waste your time teaching a dog to do this when the customer IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!

    How fucking lazy is this vet worker?

    • El_Fez says:

      Hey, that World of Warcraft isnt going to play itself!

    • ClemsonEE says:

      Leave it to Loias for a stupid comment!

      Why do people teach their dog to shake, another equally pointless trick….because you can and it is cool.

      Why do you comment? You do nothing but waste our time as well.

      • crispyduck13 says:

        Honestly, I agree with Loias here, I would look at that stupid chick and ask her if her hand was broken. To be clear I love my pets, but tricks are for impressing your friends in your own home. How many hours a day are they making this dog do this?

        • NickJames says:

          It looks like it’s more of a novelty and not an everyday thing. Way to make a big deal out of nothing.

        • cupcake_ninja says:

          The dogs in the vid are Labrador Retrievers. They were bred to fetch and retrieve fishing nets off of the Labrador Sea for fishermen…all day long. They can and WANT to do it all day long and not tire. They weren’t meant to sit around being house pets and get fat. In fact, it’s easy for a non working Labs to get obese.

          The dog probably weren’t necessarily “trained” to do that. They were probably just given a piece of paper once or twice, the recipient called for them once or twice and behold, they knew exactly what to do and are all too thrilled to do it. It doesn’t take much to teach a retriever to fetch and give. It’s what they’re bred to do, and are all too happy to do it.

        • ChuckECheese says:

          I don’t think work-hours laws apply to dogs. It has been my experience that many dogs love being occupied doing something with the appearance of productive activity, much as people do.

      • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

        If they showed a video where some backroom worker was printing out reports, and the dog brought it out from the back room to the customer, THEN I might find some use for this.

        But it took the dog 5 times as long what it would have taken the woman, and she wouldn’t have slobbered over the paper.

        Dog tricks have their place, both for entertainment and for discipline for dogs. But this was just pointless.

    • little stripes says:

      LOL wow, if you listen and watch, you will notice they were doing it as a lark, because it’s cute and funny. Also, labs LOVE doing this sort of thing. It’s a game to them.

      Way to take something so cute and silly way, way, too seriously, though. As usual.

  6. dwtomek says:

    IIf you can’t handle a little slobber on your receipt, pray tell what you are doing owning a pet?

    • gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

      My exact thought as well. Although some dogs slobber way too much and a jowely, overly slobbery dog doing this would be a bit gross. LOL.

    • katarzyna says:

      People with other types of pets also visit vets, and to be fair, cats are generally cleaner – or less slobbier – than dogs. That said, I’ve pulled grass out of my cat’s bum, and this wouldn’t bother me a bit.

  7. Coffee says:

    I’m not kissy kissy with my dog, but every now and then he gets a stealth lick in on my face, and I don’t really mind when that happens. I’m not terrified of dog herpes or anything, so I chalk this one up to cute.

  8. CrankyOwl says:

    Awww…that’s so cute. The dog is so proud of itself! A dog with a job is a happy dog.

  9. remusrm says:

    some dogs are smarter then people…

  10. zacwax says:

    1)I don’t know how I feel about the other dog not getting to be involved
    2)Who cares, its a piece of paper that you are likely going to throw away anyways

    • shibotu says:

      I saw another website where a client says the second dog is a puppy who does get plenty of treats and may still be in training for future glory.

  11. dulcinea47 says:

    If you’re at a vets office, chances are you have pets, and care about them, and are not grossed out by a little dog spit.

    • crispyduck13 says:

      I love how everyone here seems to assume that because you are in a veterinarian’s office and have a pet that requires care – you must not mind dogs, and therefore dog drool. Apparently everyone suddenly forgot that there are other pets that require vets? Or that some pet owners hate dog drool and therefore do not have a dog?

  12. Coupon says:

    The little buddy helper is just as adorable!

  13. Dallas_shopper says:

    Dogs lick their own private parts, their own butts, and will eat cat shit. I don’t want my receipt coming from a dog’s mouth.

    I love my dog, but I wash my hands after handling him or his toys, I wash his bedding regularly, give him regular baths, and do not allow him to lick my face, feet, or hands. YUCK.

    • Gally says:

      Got a second hand bubble I could sell you.

    • little stripes says:

      You sound boring. Also, you have germs all over you RIGHT NOW! No, really. Everywhere. No matter how much you shower, you have germs covering you from head to toe!

      • rob3912811 thinks this site is full of retards and assclowns with cats for friends. says:

        Y snd rtrdd. ctll, wt…y R rtrdd. Sll m. Srs qstn, thgh: ds smn lk y lk n th mrrr (ntrll, nc yr tk yr slghtl skw hlmt ff), nd trl nt blv tht sh s crz? Lstn, y hv lng hstr f drmmng p mndlss, nnsnscl, slf-lthng, llgcl, btng, nd rdcls cmmnts tht srv n rl prps bt t shw ff hw trl scrwd p nd gnrnt y rll r. ‘v nvr cm crss bttr pstr chld fr strlztn. G tsd nc n whl, nd myb y’ll cm crss sm rl ppl (nd thngs tht rn’t cts) t ntrct wth.

      • Dallas_shopper says:

        I’m not a germophobe; I’d just rather not have a receipt with shit residue on it.

  14. gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

    The other dog is all where the hell is my treat lol.

  15. megan9039 says:

    Since it’s a vet office, unless your allergic or afraid of dogs, I don’t see the issue.

  16. shibotu says:

    Even if dog kisses shortened my life, I wouldn’t want to live without them.

    And dogs clean wounds by licking so I’m not even sure their saliva is hazardous.

  17. nbs2 says:

    I’m bothered by this.

    Granted, I’m not a pet person, but I am a parent. When my kids were infants, I got crapped/barfed/peed/spat up/etc on. I laughed it off and moved on with my life. I would not be enthused if your kid did the same to me. Same thing here.

    • Coffee says:

      If the dog vomited on the receipt, then defecated and urinated on it, I would understand, but I don’t really see the parallel here. The only issue I would have is that I am slightly allergic to dogs, and the allergy is to their saliva, so if I rubbed my eye afterward, it might get a little red.

    • ClemsonEE says:

      Yea, because that’s the exact same thing.

    • El_Fez says:

      And I suppose you’d have grounds to be upset if the dog peed/pooed/puked on your. Otherwise, I’m not seeing a huge exchange of fluids here.

      • nbs2 says:

        Fine. Let me go a step further. I don’t know how much saliva is transferred from dog to paper, but I don’t enjoy cleaning up other kids’ drooly Cheerios. If I pick up a wet toy, I wash my hands afterward.

        And no, I wouldn’t like a human giving me a receipt that they had handled in their mouth.

    • Martha Gail says:

      I’m sure you could just ask the cashier to hand the paper to you instead of the dog.

  18. Hartwig says:

    I have always wanted to teach my dog to get me beers from the fridge . I have avoided this knowing a beer would most likely mean the dog gets to my food though. Dogs love these jobs . As for it is a great way to keep the dog entertained while sitting around at work. I am sure most pet owners are beyond the minor gross factor.

    • emilymarion333 says:

      I do not recommend doing this – We did this with a towel for our lab so it could open the fridge and grab a beer for us. It was fun.. but the dog also figured out she could also open the fridge and graze.

      This lab did not just graze just ate as much as it could!

  19. IT-Princess: I work in IT, you owe me $1 says:

    That dog is not cute and I would not go there myself.

    Make it an adorable kitten or gerbil and I’m in. Big dogs are disgusting and I don’t understand how anyone sees anything cute about them.

    • Coffee says:


      • IT-Princess: I work in IT, you owe me $1 says:

        Don’t angry face me! I don’t like big dogs! They’re all slobbery and smelly and jump on stuff. I love puppies though and little dogs.
        Big dogs make me super uncomfortable.

    • Dont lump me into your 99%! says:

      We dont find you adorable or cute, but we still let you walk around and touch stuff.

      • IT-Princess: I work in IT, you owe me $1 says:

        9 out of 10 non internet people would disagree.

        I know, I held a survey in the Fall.

        • Coffee says:

          You shouldn’t capitalize seasons…poor grammar isn’t adorable at all.

          – “I am the 10%”

          (j/k, Princess…love ya)

    • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

      Big dogs are cheerful doofuses about 90% of the time, even the “scary” breeds like GerSheps and Rotties. So long as their owner is relaxed and introduces you nicely, they’re cool with you–and you’re their #1 favorite person if you give them attention.

      It’s pretty endearing.

      Of the small dogs I’ve met, however, very, very few have been at all friendly with new people. I’d expect a pomeranian to bite me over a german shepherd any day.

      • IT-Princess: I work in IT, you owe me $1 says:

        I totally get that. There’s just something that really intimidates me about larger dogs. I don’t like especially the hyper big dogs that think they’re still puppies.
        I also just don’t think they are cute, their faces, their behavior, nothing. There has to be an Awww factor and I just don’t get that from this clip. To me, cute means I want to hug and cuddle all the air out of it.
        I’ve also been bitten by a lot of dogs, large and small, so I am a little wary of all them.

  20. golddog says:

    In that receptionist job, the dog’s mouth on the receipts is the least of the germ factories. People’s credit cards, cash, the pens…I’d wager all harbor far more bacteria than that dog’s mouth and is she really washing after each transaction?

    As long as he’s making minimum wage I got no problem. I’m curious what the reaction would be on here if it were a *cat* handing the receipts over :-)

  21. thomwithanh says:

    Just seeing this makes me love dogs even more… I for one would be honored to get my receipt from such a well trained pooch, but I understand the gross-out factor for some.

  22. kaptainkk says:

    I don’t have any pets nor do I really care for animals but that is one cute dog and a very cute way of getting your receipt handed to you! I wouldn’t get grossed out by dog saliva but I would by most every person’s saliva.

  23. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

    Not a problem, it’s not a restaurant for Pete’s sake. I think it’s cute and appropriate in a vet’s office. Think of how it can get a conversation about training going.

  24. catskyfire says:

    I’m a little less thrilled by the idea. But that’s because I go to the vet with my cats, who dislike dogs coming near.

  25. ArizonaGeek says:

    I have 5 dogs so actually if he could show my dogs a thing or two I would be happy. They need to get a job!

  26. RandomHookup says:

    Is that Chaz Bono?

  27. GoldVRod says:

    My dentist is run by parrots but you can’t get pain medication there. Why?

    Because the parrots-eat-em-all.

    ah aha hahahaaa!

    /Sigh. Sad now. No feces flinging from me.

  28. Dave B. says:

    Wow, some uptight germaphobes here. I walk my Dachshund so I know what he’s into. He sleeps on the bed, sometimes under the comforter (Dachshunds love to be under things). He loves to lick faces, I don’t run to the sink to degerm every time I touch him or his toys.

    My wife, who loves all that hand sanitizer anti-germ crap gets sick like 3 or 4 times a year, I get a cold about once every 2 or 3 years, so I fail to see the point.

  29. Rachacha says:

    Not bad. I managed to train my cat to come when I whistle but that was the extent of it, although when she was younger she would play catch with her pet mouse, I would throw it, she would get it and bring it back to me. Now all she does is drown them in her water bowl.

  30. KyBash says:

    This is a health hazard!

    Capnocytophaga canimorsus is part of the bacterial flora in a dog’s mouth.

    It causes infective endocarditis in people with prosthetic heart valves.

    It is also associated with septicaemia, meningitis, and septic arthritis in people whose immune systems have been weakened by a variety of diseases and conditions.

    • Rachacha says:

      Such people probably would not have a pet and therefore would have no business in a vet’s office

      • KyBash says:

        People can lead totally normal lives after heart surgery. Many have pets ranging from cats to parrots to lizards.

  31. Black Knight Rebel says:

    Not at all disgusting, but overall I think the novelty would wear off so I think I’d want to have the recipt handed to me directly 80% of the time. The other 20% is reserved for my first visit and when I bring people over to check it out lol

  32. dolemite says:

    If you are at a vet in the first place, you most likely don’t have issues with animals licking you or getting hair on you or whatever.

  33. paisleypaint says:

    The other dog didn’t get a treat. That makes me sad. :(

  34. Phil Keeps It Real [Consumerist] says:

    If you can help yourself : I’d rather no one, human or canine, put their mouth on my paperwork. 1000%

  35. Fiona says:

    I’d go with “Ewww” over “Awww”. But that’s just me. To each their own.

  36. make7acs says:

    It’s a vets office? You are going there with your pets and trusting these people to care for them. If anything, seeing this would make me even more inclined to go to this office. They obviously care for their animals.

  37. oldtaku says:

    Oh come on. Maybe if you’re one of those parents who obsessively cleans everything with anti-bacterial wipes so they can grow up asthmatic and allergic to everything.

  38. GOInsanity says:

    I gotta say, I love the folks that are claiming if you have pets, you must be tolerant of all animal drool. Thats like saying that because you poop, you must be fine with all poop, here, have a handful of mine!

  39. tape says:

    if this is something that legitimately bothers you, I recommend you take a long, hard look at your life.

  40. Pigfish99 the randomly insane says:

    I think its funny and awesome. Besides, Dogs have cleaner mouths than our own mouths. Keep that in mind next time he french kisses you.

  41. suez says:

    Honestly, if you already have a pet (and that’s likely if you’re at the vet) then you should be well acquainted with the “ick” factor. Get over it. ::goes back to drinking from the glass her cat just drank from::