Another Guy Sues Frito-Lay, Says He Wasted $.10/Ounce On 'All-Natural' Chips

Print something on a package and you better believe consumers are going to take it seriously, hence why a New York man is adding another lawsuit to Frito-Lay’s docket, claiming their line of chips aren’t made with “all-natural ingredients” as advertised.

His suit, filed yesterday, claims the company is misleading consumers by saying Tostitos and SunChips are made with all-natural ingredients, when in fact, they contain oil from genetically modified plants, reports Reuters. He’s mad for giving up 10 of his hard-earned cents per ounce of allegedly lying chips.

He joins a California woman who is also suing the company for the same claims of genetically modified plant-based oils.

A spokeswoman for Frito-Lay says the company was confident the labeling on its packaging “complies with all regulatory requirements.”

But according to the suit, “genetically modified organisms are created artificially in a laboratory by swapping genetic material across species to exhibit traits not naturally theirs,” the complaint said. “Since a reasonable consumer assumes that seeds created in such a way are not ‘all natural,’ advertising Tostitos and SunChips as natural is deceptive and likely to mislead a reasonable consumer.”

In each case, the plaintiffs are seeking to recover money paid by consumers in search of a product with all natural ingredients. Could be tough, as there’s no across-the-board standard definition of “natural” on food labels, except on some meat products.

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