Control Your Weight By Recording What You Eat

If it seems as though you’re eating right but the weight isn’t coming off, one explanation could be that you’re overlooking some food splurges you’re making. If you’re sticking to a calorie count in an effort to maintain or lose weight, one little snack binge can throw you off track.

Yoga.Eat.Run. advises keeping a diary in order to get a handle on your food intake. A record of what you eat daily, annotated with results from regular weigh-ins, helps you evaluate which diet decisions work best for you. The act can be tedious and guilt-inducing at first, but can help deliver the results you’re after.

Just making the effort to maintain the diary can stifle your urge to overindulge. A flash-forward to the guilt of having to tell your food diary of your sins may be enough to keep you from making the mistakes in the first place.

Keeping a Food Journal [Yoga.Eat.Run.]

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