Boston Burrito Joint Sics Its Social Media Community On Robbers In Surveillance Footage

After three robbers strolled up to a Boston burrito spot called Boloco and were caught on camera while stealing the store’s safe, the local restaurant is going to the mattresses and calling on its social media community to solve the crime. says the criminals busted into the store and stole a safe deposit box on Saturday. Boloco set the surveillance footage of the crime to music and are offering it up on Facebook and Twitter with a $1,000 cash reward for tips that lead to arrest of the suspects.

Says the restaurant’s Facebook page:

We added music to the video (because that’s what we do), but it was haunting even without it.

We debated about whether to share this or not – traditionally this isn’t something that is “shared”… but it’s 2012… and we think everyone needs to see what is happening out there, and work together to reduce and one day eliminate evil people like these three.

After only a day of the crime being posted on the Internet, Boloco updated its Facebook page saying they may have caught the suspects but were waiting on an arrest before celebrating and showering a tipster with the reward cash.

It’s funny to watch one of the guys trying to be all smart and bashing the camera in with a sledgehammer, with his face turned up to it clearly, before just tipping it slightly off-kilter and thinking he’s done the job right.

Boloco Takes to Social Media to Nab Robbers, Offers $1,000 Reward [BostInno]

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