How About Some Cocaine To Go Along With That Terrorism Textbook You Ordered On Amazon?

A college student was a bit surprised when she opened a used textbook on terrorism that she’d ordered from Amazon, and a package of cocaine fell out. Perhaps whoever sent it thought she might need an extra kick for those hours of studying.

Sophia is taking a class on terrorism, and purchased the $30 textbook from Amazon, says WDAF-TV. She was thumbing through the book when something unexpected fell out of it just as she happened to be going through a section on the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski.

“Just a little tiny package falls out with white powder in it,” she told the station. “And I’m like, ‘White powder just fell out of my terrorism book.’ And so my brother was like, ‘Oh, that’s scary.'” Totes.

Since she was reading up on people sending bombs in the mail in her textbook at the time, the idea of anthrax in the mail came to mind, so Sophia took the package to the police. Turns out the powder was a different kind of danger to society.

“They went back and they tested it and he came back like 10 minutes later and said, ‘You didn’t happen to purchase cocaine with your textbook did you?'” she said. “I was like ‘No.'”

Turns out the package contained about $300-$400 worth of cocaine, which the police confiscated and destroyed.

Since it’s a used textbook, it’s likely that it wasn’t Amazon that put the drugs in the book, but an approved reseller, who should probably reconsider his or her hiding spots for illegal drugs.

*Thanks to Brendan for the tip!

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