You're Probably Not Shocked To Hear That Tickets To The Super Bowl Are Expensive

Breaking news: Going to the most anticipated game in the NFL season isn’t going to come cheap. Once you’re over the shock, you should know that if you’re still trying to get tickets to this year’s Super Bowl in Indiana, they’ll cost you anywhere from about $2,800 to about $,3600.

CNNMoney says StubHub is listing a median price of $2,800 and the NFL’s official resale site, Ticket Exchange is all the way up in the rafters with a median of $3,623, and their cheapest seat sold was $2,614 in an upper corner of the dome. The highest went for $17,048 on the 40-yard line. Since Ticket Exchange is a unit of Ticketmaster, a bunch of that must be in fees, right? Zing.

Face value on Super Bowl tickets, which are reserved for season ticket holders, league sponsors and other special people run from $800, $1,200. That means the normal folk have to dish out the dough or have a really nice friend willing to hand over a ticket.

This year is a rematch from four years ago, between the former victors, the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, which makes it the most important thing in the world to denizens of those areas.

But seeing as the game is in Indiana, where there are less hotel rooms than for example, last year’s Super Bowl city Dallas, and it’s also really cold, prices are being somewhat kept in check.

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