Taco Bell Finally Realizes That Everyone Loves A Burrito In The Morning And Debuts Breakfast Menu

Even at fancy shmancy brunch places with delicate parchment menus, the breakfasting masses love them a tasty breakfast burrito. It seems Taco Bell has finally put two and two together, as they’ve debuted a breakfast menu with fast-food Mexican breakfast items to go.

The New York Daily News says you’ll be able to chow down in the a.m. at Taco Bell with the aforementioned burritos, filled with eggs and sausage, bacon or steak, as well as egg wraps, hash browns, coffee and orange juice. There will be 11 entrees on the morning menu, ranging from 99 cents to $2.79.

“It’s everything people love in breakfast, but done in a Taco Bell way,” said Brian Niccol, the chain’s chief marketing and innovation officer.

See? They get it — cheap food in the morning wrapped in a tortilla and paired with traditional breakfast beverages! They’ve taken their sweet time with this plan, as they were testing Jimmy Dean sausage breakfast items in 2009, and tried out breakfast menus in a few locations all the way back in 2007, as Consumerist reported then.

Unfortunately, the new menu will only be in a limited number of states until going nationwide in 2014 including: California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada. A few locations in Texas, Ohio and Oklahoma will also serve up breakfast, so keep your eyes peeled.

This breakfast epiphany follows close on the heels of the news that Taco Bell is also trying out a more upscale, healthy Chipotle-like menu called Cantina Bell to see if they can nab a corner of that market as well.

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