Secret Slaughterhouse Pipeline Fills Texas Creek With Pig Blood

An amateur drone pilot in Texas was flying a simple rig with a point-and-shoot camera attached for fun, and noticed something strange in a creek. There was an awful lot of dark red in the water. He notified the county, and a Department of Health and Human Services investigation showed that the substance discoloring the water was blood. Raw pig blood from a nearby meatpacking plant.

A search warrant executed on the nearby slaughterhouse and meat-packing plant found that there was an underground pipe leading to the creek. That’s very, very illegal, and the various government agencies involved won’t comment on what kind of charges could be in store for whoever installed that pipe.

Investigation: Pig’s Blood Flowing into Trinity River:

Investigation: Pig’s Blood Flowing into Trinity River [Fox 4]
Dallas Meat Packing plant investigated after drone images reveal pollution [sUAS News] (via Gizmodo – thanks, anti_activist!)

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