Sony, Game Developer Scheme To Plague Gamers With More PS3 Microtransactions

Angling to get in on the microtransaction gaming action that’s all the rage online and on mobile devices, Sony and a game developer are reportedly hammering out policies to allow games to nickel and dime players to a greater extent.

Develop reports CCP, which is developing the PlayStation 3 game Dust 514 — a massively multiplayer online game a la World of Warcraft — is working with Sony to allow the game to be the first on the system that uses its own form of currency.

We agree with Kotaku’s speculation that this kind of thing opens the way for free-to-play games like FarmVille to invade the PS3. This isn’t necessary a negative development. More types of games should become available to players who don’t mind being shaken down for little bits of virtual pocket change at regular intervals.

The oldest republic [Develop via Kotaku]

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