Bus Group Doesn't Mind If Priceline Kills Off William Shatner As Long As It's Not With One Of Their Vehicles

Priceline is reportedly offing their spokesman William Shatner in an ad, which is just fine with the American Bus Association — but they’d prefer it if his means of death is something other than a fiery bus explosion as seen in a new commercial. They’re asking the travel booking site to pull the ad, which they feel is in poor taste.

Shatner’s doom is part of an ad campaign to call attention to Priceline’s published-price offering instead of its popular name-your-own-price deal, says CNNMoney. And even though it seems they’re sending Shatner to that hotel in the sky (with a deal on a rental car, of course) when a bus falls off a bridge, Priceline still has him under contract as a spokesman.

Group spokesman Dan Ronan doesn’t like that everyone is laughing over a bus accident, which he says “damages the reputation of our industry. We’re protecting our brand and our reputation.” The group represents charter and inter-city lines.

They feel it will make viewers scared to ride a bus — and to show how safe and comfy it is, they’ve offered Shatner a ride in one. They’ve also pointed out that when he appears in a Broadway show next month, much of his audience will arrive by bus so he shouldn’t be freaking everyone out.

“In fact, it is estimated that nearly one third of theater tickets are purchased by group tour and motorcoach customers,” said the group’s statement.

Priceline should pull Shatner ad: Bus industry [Priceline]

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