Tassimo Offers Free Coffee To Registered Customers, Then Won't Register Anyone

Tassimo, a Kraft brand, is probably best known as the “those single-serve coffee brewers that aren’t Keurig.” Anita has one, and she received an e-mail from Kraft offering two free packages of coffee if she registered her brewer. Yay, free coffee! So she did just that, only to hit a brick wall of customer disservice. Not what you expect after buying a coffeemaker that retails for $140.

I have now updated the Tassimo US customer service facebook page with my concern and also sent a dozen emails to their posted customer service email address, to which I have not had a reply, please see my original email below. Their customer service facebook page is riddled with complaints that they promise to forward to customer service with explanation of how they intend to resolve. Their group page removes user complaints I know because they deleted mine.

I know it is just two packages of coffee that we are talking about but I am upset that Kraft and Tassimo can ignore their customers in such a shameless manner with offers they obviously have no intention to honor.

By the way the offer is still available 1/18 so don’t know why rep refused to honor it. Not being able to update the registration form is a known issue, I did a search for it on the net and found several unhappy customers.

Hi received an email offer today 1/6/12, that if i register my Tassimo I receive 2 free packages of coffee. I tried multiple times to register online and had no luck. I did a search and it seems to be a known issue with Tassimo. So I called, spent 15 minutes on hold and was disconnected. I then called back and after 10 minutes spoke to a customer service person who told me the offer is over and could not help with the registering of my machine. She then offered to have a TECHNICIAN call as she herself was not authorized to register my machine. Needless to say they never contacted me.

here is my information Serial # [redacted]
TAS # TAS4511UC/01
FD Prod Code 8806

I can’t believe that your customer service is this bad. I would like my 2 free packages of coffee.

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