FedEx Gives Someone Else A Very Merry Popeye's Christmas With My Credit Card

FedEx wanted its customers to have a very Merry Christmas — even if they’re not the customers who should be receiving a package with a credit card in it. Gabe had to have a new Visa card overnighted to him, and felt confident because the delivery required a signature. Apparently, any old signature will do.

He says he happened to be out when FedEx came by with his delivery, but was relieved to see a “We missed you” sticker, complete with a note and a smiley face that they’d be back the next day, Dec. 24. How nice!

Yeah, too nice to anyone, not just him, he writes.

So Saturday, Dec. 24 came and I waited and waited.They never showed. “Oh well, it’s Christmas Eve, they probably got held up,” I thought to myself. So the holiday rolls by and I returned to work on Tuesday. I decided to check my CC’s website to see if my last payment had been posted yet.

It had! And not only that.. but I had some NEW charges as well!

On Saturday 12/24 (the day the card was supposed to arrive at my door but didn’t)
$45 at Popeye’s Chicken
$50 at Chevron
$250 at Target


Wait! What!!??

Well, apparently even thieves need to take time to celebrate with their thieving families because there was zero activity on 12/25.

Then on Monday 12/26:
$30 at CVS Pharmacy
$40 at Chevron again
$30 at a swanky lunch cafe
And then a $50 top off with dinner at the Wood Ranch Restaurant! I hope it was romantic!

So I immediately called Visa and the rep saw the notes about me getting a new card overnighted, saw the charges, and instantly killed the card. Upon checking with FedEx, she told me that the card was marked as “DELIVERED” to my address. Uh, no it wasn’t.

Gabe says the person signed with a name he doesn’t know at all. That person then activated the card somehow using Visa’s automated system, and proceeded to treat themselves to Popeye’s.

He’s glad he’s not liable for any of the charges, and commends Visa for being easy to work with, but issues a big “COME ON!” to FedEx.

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