Man Receives $44 Million Hospital Bill For $300 Worth Of Treatments

The good news is that Alexis isn’t going to have to pay the $44 million bill he received after a hospital treated his pneumonia. The bad is that hundreds of others also received ridiculous bills after a billing company made the teensy error of entering the invoice numbers into the amount due box. Woopsies.

The New York Daily News talked to Alexis, an unemployed doorman, who’d already had a bunch of bills a few months ago from the hospital for treating his pneumonia. But the most recent one for $44,776,587 for outpatient services was the biggest of them all.

“I almost had an asthma attack,” he told the paper, as he should’ve been paying only about $300. Turns out he was one of hundreds with overblown bills, as Alexis found out when he called the billing company, PHY Services.

They say the subcontractor that prints the bills was the culprit behind the number switcheroo.

“We are sending an apology letter to everyone who received it,” said PHY Services rep Ricardo Paul.

They advise anyone who received a statement from them to ignore it, as they’ll get a new one soon. But really, what else would you do — write a check for a few million and send it off?

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