Butter Queen Paula Deen Brings It Full Circle, Gets Paid To Endorse Diabetes Program

Paula Deen is known for packing in the butter in her recipes, with such recipes as doughnut hamburgers (with bacon and a fried egg, of course) and Krispy Kreme bread pudding. But now that she’s going on air to announce that she has Type 2 diabetes, it’s probably the perfect time to announce that she’s the new paid spokesperson for a diabetes drug company. Timing is everything.

Speaking of timing, she tells the Today show’s Al Roker that she was diagnosed three years ago. During that time, her recipes have continued to include high calories, sugar and fat. She says she wanted to wait to tell everyone when she had something to bring to the table.

And now she’s bringing a diabetes company to that calorie-laden table.

“I’m working along with a very reputable pharmaceutical company, I’m working on a program called ‘Diabetes In A New Light,’ you can go to our website,” says Paula. “I’m gonna be there for you, I’m going to help you manage every day of your life with this, because it can be done.”

At which point Al kindly points out that the viewers should know Paula is getting paid for her endorsement.

“Absolutely I have been compensated, just as you are for your work,” admits Paula.

So what does she have to say to the haters out there who point out that it’s just her kind of cooking that can contribute to a diabetes diagnosis?

“That’s part of the puzzle, but there are many other things that can lead to diabetes,” Paula explains, helpfully pointing out anything that is not her food. “Certainly genetics, certainly your life style, certainly what you eat, certainly stress,” as well as age.

But also? Stuffing unhealthy food in your mouth.

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