How To Fix Those Darn Socks With Holes In Them

When you find a sock that’s holier than a game-winning touchdown drive by a Bronco quarterback, natural reactions include suffering with the added ventilation or throwing it away. The alternative is to resurrect the sock through the age-old tradition of darning it. coaches you through the deceptively simple process. Start by gather up a needle, embroidery floss and a light bulb.

You stick the sock on the bulb so the hole opens wide, then surround the hole with tiny stitches. Then you stitch loosely across the hole, then rotate 90 degrees and stitch across it that way, repeating the process until you form a patchwork that seals up the hole without deforming the sock.

Or you can just forget about it and deem the hole to be the eye of a cyclops sock puppet.

How to Darn A Sock []

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