5 Words You've Got To Stop Pronouncing Incorrectly

Unless you speak with an endearing, cool-sounding accent, you can make yourself sound like a moron if you mispronounce certain words. Using casual utterances that are OK with friends and family can create a stigma that’s tough to change if you do so in professional situations such as interviews or presentations.

A 2008 Primer article that’s been making the rounds again identifies many of these verbal landmines. Here are five words you don’t want to get wrong when it counts:

* Nuclear. It’s not “nucular.”

* Often. The “t” is silent.

* Sherbet. Only Ernie says “sure, Bert.”

* Candidate. Only say “can-uh-date” if you’re referring to the great University of Arizona running back.

* Utmost. There is no “up” in there.

10 Words You Mispronounce That Make People Think You’re an Idiot [Primer]

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