Facebook Brings Listening To Music With Your Friends From Parents' Basements Everywhere To The Internet

Many Facebook users are already familiar with programs like Spotify and Rdio that can let friends know what the other is listening to, and allow you to judge that girl from high school for playing Spice Girls repeatedly. But now overlord Mark Zuckerberg and his minions are pushing the game a step further with a feature that allows users to listen along with pals in real time.

The announcement on Facebook’s official blog yesterday said the feature would be rolling out from Thursday on over the next few weeks.

You can listen to the same song, at the exact same time–so when your favorite vocal part comes in you can experience it together, just like when you’re jamming out at a performance or dance club.

Yes! Exactly like that, except maybe you’ll each be sitting on your computers somewhere alone, perhaps eating Doritos and weeping quietly as John Lennon sings “Woman” and your heart breaks for the millionth time. Technology is great.

Users will notice a music note in the chat sidebar that will enable a list of friends listening to music. At that point, you just hover over their name and click “Listen With” and the song will play through whatever music service that person uses. You can also chat about how dope that one bass line is or whatever it is you want to say about the song. Others can join in as well.

I’ve seen this phenomenon before. It was called “getting together with friends in my parents’ basement and listening to music while also talking face to face.” Facebook, you’re so lifelike!

Listen to Music With Your Friends [The Facebook Blog]

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