What Grads Need To Know About Choosing Careers

Determining exactly what you want to be when you grow up is a process that can last years after you graduate. With trial, error and an accumulation of knowledge, you can strive to find a career that fulfills you financially and spiritually.

The Skool Of Life warns you to avoid falling into common traps when selecting an occupation. Its advice is a little harsh but pragmatic.

A recurring point in the post is to be careful where you get advice. Parents and guidance counselors are quick to offer suggestions, but you can’t blindly follow them. Counselors might give you advice based simply on statistics, while parents may not know what they’re talking about if they don’t know your professional landscape.

The post also preaches diversification. If you’ve got a hand in several professions, you may find yourself surprised that you’re drawn in a direction you didn’t think you’d head. It also doesn’t hurt to secure multiple income streams, in case one of your employers decides to force your hand to choose a new line of work.

5 Career Building Tips They Never Taught us in School [The Skool Of Life]

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