Penis Tattoo Gives Man A Permanent Erection

Thinking of getting a penis tattoo? Apparently, they come with the risk of a permanent erection. Let’s see if we can get through this one without a Jason Stackhouse joke… Nope!

According to MSNBC, a 21-year-old Iranian man went to a traditional tattoo artist who, (and this detail is apparently important,) used handheld needles to inscribe upon his member (in Persian script) a phrase which translates to “good luck on your journeys.”

The result is a permanent semi-erection. Take it away, MSNBC:

As erectile dysfunction pill commercials constantly remind us, non-sex-related erections lasting longer than four hours are dangerous for penises. The lack of fresh blood flow can starve the spongy tissues of oxygen, destroying them and resulting in impotence.

There are two types of priapism, ischemic and non-ischemic, according to UCLA urologist Dr. Jeffrey Bassett. In a normal erection, blood flows into the penis via arteries, and as pressure builds, the veins leading out are temporarily blocked. In ischemic priapism, the veins don’t open up again.

In non-ischemic priapism, the veins allow blood out of the penile tissue, but too much blood is flowing in via the arteries and the veins can’t keep up. So blood pressure builds. This isn’t as dangerous since fresh blood is coming in all the time, but it can be pretty inconvenient. If it doesn’t resolve, either on its own or with treatment, it can cause damage in some cases.

Apparently, the tattooist and his handheld needles punctured too deeply into the man’s penis, resulting in fistulas that interrupted the flow of blood in and out.

MSNBC says that the man is still able to have sex, and has refused further treatment.

Penis Tattoo Gives Guy Permanent Erection [MSNBC]

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