3 Things You Can Do To Make Sure You Get Your Tax Refund Quickly

The news that you get two extra days to file your tax return this year means little to those who have big refunds coming and want to get their hands on their money as soon as possible.

Bible Money Matters offers tips to make sure the government quickly processes your return and returns its tax-free loan to you. Here are three things to remember when filing your returns:

* Do everything electronically. Rather than print out and send your return via snail mail, opt for e-filing. Also, opt to receive your refund via direct deposit rather than paper check.

* Avoid dumb mistakes. Before you send off your return, double-check it to see that your Social Security number is correct, your math checks out and you haven’t checked multiple filing statuses.

* Keep tabs on your refund status. Keep a copy of your return handy for reference purposes and check your refund status at the IRS’s Where’s My Refund? site to make sure there hasn’t been a hitch. If you e-file, your info should be available three days after the IRS acknowledges receipt.

3 Ways To Ensure A Fast Tax Refund [Bible Money Matters]

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