Why No New Year's Resolution May Be Your Best Bet

If you’ve already tried and failed in an attempt at a New Year’s Resolution, don’t worry about it. You can still opt to swim against the current by resolving not to make any resolutions.

Careful Cents advocates an “Anti-Resolution,” in which you shy away from homework assignment-style things you feel like you should do in favor of appealing things you actually want to do.

By framing your goals as something you want to achieve rather than a punishment you’re giving yourself, the writer reasons, you’re setting yourself up to succeed rather than fail.

According to the post, an Anti-Resolution is exactly what Yoda would do:

“There will be no try, there will be only do. I’m not going to make goals or resolutions for myself unless I want to do them.”

Making An “Anti-Resolution” Resolution [Careful Cents]

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