We Need To Get To France Before March 1 To Eat A Darth Vader Burger On A Black Bun

Get outta the way, Eiffel Tower — there’s a new attraction we’re drooling over in France and it just so happens to be Star Wars-themed. French restaurant chain Quick is promoting the 3D release of The Phantom Menace with a Darth Vader burger on a super cool black bun. Levitate it on over to my mouth with a side of lightsaber fries!

L’Express (via Gizmodo because we/I do not know French) reports on the awesomely weird “Dark Vador” burger, which is available until March 1.

Next to it, the Jedi burger seems well, a bit wimpy and ho hum, but it’s out until March 5. Ostensibly because that’s when the Death Star’s grill will blow up and so the winning side’s sandwich gets a longer life span. Spoiler alert! At least the Jedi burger doesn’t take after Yoda (green, 900 years old, etc.).

The burgers hit stores starting Jan. 31 in advance of the Feb. 8 release date of The Phantom Menace 3D in theaters.

And even though we can’t exactly read French, we asked Google to give it a go, resulting in this gem of a translation from L’Express: “Of course, the inevitable toys derived films are findable in the menus for children. It is a joy.”

A joy indeed.

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