Japanese Sushi Chain Forks Over $736K For 530-Pound Tuna At Auction

It’s payback time for Japan, after the best catch of the year went to a foreign buyer three years in a row. But this year, sushi lovers there will get a chance to taste part of a record $736,000, approximately 530-lb bluefin tuna, as a local company won the fish at auction. They’re also giving back to their fellow citizens by not charging exorbitant prices for the special catch.

Tokyo-based chain Kiyomura, which operates Sushi Zanmai, lugged their hefty prize away from Tsukjii, the world’s biggest fish market, says the Financial Times.

In order to break even on their splurge, Sushi Zanmai would have to charge around $74 per piece of fish for each of the roughly 10,000 pieces they’ll sell. Instead, they’ll offer up pieces for between approximately $2-$5.

“It is an auspicious occasion, so we bought the tuna without any thought of making a profit,” said Hiroshi Umehara, spokesman for privately-held Kiyomura. He added that he wanted to do something good for his country, which suffered extensive damage from the tsunami and ensuing earthquake last year.

“I pray for the recovery of the disaster areas to continue and I hope that this year will be a better year for each and every citizen,” he said.

Treating your fellow countrymen to some delectable, discounted sushi is a nice way to show your appreciation.

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