If You Want To Spend Less, Here Are 5 Things To Stop Buying

It’s easy to list ways friends blow money, but tougher to turn a similar focus on yourself. If you step back and evaluate your spending with a fresh eye, you’ll probably find several areas in which you can cut spending significantly.

Main Street lists several suggestions for unnecessary products and services you can cut out of your life in order to save big. Here are five:

* Visiting the coffee shop. Well, you can still visit. Just stop ordering stuff.

* Bottled water. Filter your own water and use your own bottle again and again.

* Subscriptions to stuff you don’t read. If you get too busy, magazines and newspapers can become nags, making you feel bad for not taking the time to read. Make them shut up by canceling.

* Cable. You can stream plenty of entertainment online. Just stop by friends’ houses to watch sporting events.

* Simple home repairs. Take the time to learn to fix your own stuff, rather than calling in professionals to do everything for you.

12 Things You Should Stop Paying for in 2012 [Main Street]

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