Wegmans Flip-Flops, Brings Back Alec Baldwin Ads

Much like — and to some people, more important than — Verizon Wireless’ quick flip-flop on its plan to introduce a $2 convenience fee, NY-based grocery chain Wegmans has heard the voices of the people and decided that most of you don’t hate Alec Baldwin and want to see him in cute, low-budget ads for the supermarket his mom loves so much.

In a statement, Wegmans explains its flip-floppery:

We regret ending the Alec Baldwin holiday commercials one week earlier than planned in response to a couple of dozen complaints. We have decided to run the commercials again, effective immediately.

Clearly, many more people support Alec, as evidenced by the hundreds and hundreds of tweets, emails, and phone calls we have received. We enjoyed working with Alec Baldwin and his mom, Carol, and would do it again. We appreciate all the kind things they have said about Wegmans and respect the good work they do for communities.

The supermarket chain had decided to pull the ads after a “couple of dozen” customers filed complaints when Baldwin was booted from an American Airlines flight for allegedly refusing to turn off his phone. Turns out those couple of dozen people are nothing compared to whole of the internet.

Baldwin Is Back For Wegmans [13wham.com]

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  1. JoeDawson says:

    Streisand FTW

  2. TheMansfieldMauler says:

    Wasn’t he going to move to Canada or something? Or was it just that he couldn’t stand his own daughter? I can’t remember which…

    • Kitty with attitude says:

      Or, that the rules on airplanes don’t apply to him. Disgusting choice for Wegmans.

      • minjche says:

        If this qualifies as “disgusting” for you, you must have a pretty nice life.

        • minjche says:

          I should clarify that I only mean the airplane incident. I agree his voicemail for his daughter was disgusting, but not the airplane thing.

        • Kitty with attitude says:

          Really? You are really saying to me that I have a nice life because it disgusts me that celebrities think that they should have special treatment because they are celebrities? The celebrity chose to fly on the plane. The rule for everyone, including Mr. Baldwin, was that that kind of device had to be turned off. He made a fuss about it. Why? Because he is special. He was playing a game. Never mind the whole rest of the people on the plane who did comply because they didn’t expect special treatment.

          I’ll just go back to my nice life now because I’m not a celebrity & get no special treatment.

          • minjche says:

            You’re only proving my point by getting so upset and snarky over such a small problem. He was being an idiot and got kicked off the plane. Big whoop. Hence why I say you must have a nice life if this is something that upsets you, implying you don’t have other actually important things that upset you.

            Or maybe your life is normal and I just don’t fret over stupid stuff.

            • Kitty with attitude says:

              I’m not upset. Honest. I’m not running around ranting. I’m not going to go down to my local Wegmans & hold a protest. I admit to the snarky thing though. I guess it was a response to my having a “nice life” just because I don’t like Wegmans choice of spokesperson. That seemed kind of snarky to me.
              I chose to respond to an article posted on Consumerist. This topic appealed more to me than Liz Clairborne, Inc. changing its name. For that article, I have the same attitude as you do to this one, big whoop. Everyone has their interests & issues. What you care enough about to comment on might not be something that I care to comment on.
              I think that Wegman’s chose a poor spokesperson. Alec Baldwin’s behavior, the public persona that he chooses to display to the world, is awful. Maybe he is a great guy & we have only seen his bad side lately. Don’t know, don’t care. Wegmans seems to have decided that they received enough support to continue his employment as their spokesperson. Their choice. Maybe I don’t care to support Mr. Baldwin’s employment for Wegmans. Maybe I tell Wegmans via an email that I don’t like their employment of Mr. Baldwin & will vote with my dollars. My choice.
              Wegmans is a great store – my favorite grocery store. But, there are 3 other grocery stores which are closer to me than Wegmans. One is no frills, so they don’t advertise on TV. The other two use employees as their spokespeople.
              I chose not to support Mr. Baldwin’s boorish behavior. There are other celebrities whom I won’t support either. I don’t see their movies & I don’t buy the products they endorse. Does my choice matter to anyone but me? Not one bit.
              I don’t understand why my use of the word, disgust, singles me out as someone whom you think is getting upset over something that doesn’t matter. I only replied to you because you chose to comment on my comment and I felt that your comment was meant to trivialize my comment.

  3. Coffee says:

    Alec must have Skyped them and looked deep into their eyes. They never stood a chance.

  4. Rachacha says:

    As the Baldwin commercial was aimed at the holiday season the commercial would have gone into storage until November 2012. Wegmans pulled the ad shortly after the incident distancing themselves from the actor…the holiday season passes and they announce that they will begin rerunning the commercial again (for the holiday season which likely ends this Friday).

  5. PadThai says:

    These commercials were fantastic. I’m so disjointed that they’re not up on Youtube anymore.

  6. PLATTWORX says:

    It shows a shocking lack of brains my management to pull ads with a well paid spokesperson because of a totally unrelated incident where they received by their own admission “couple of dozen” complaints. The fact that a couple of dozen people even had time or desire to contact Wegman’s because he wouldn’t turn his cell phone off on a plane and demand he be dropped speaks volumes to the type of people these are and how much free time they have.

    That said, I have always scratched my head at Alec Baldwin doing ads for a regional supermarket chain. Capital One? Maybe. But a small chain of supermarkets just because his mom shops there? Kinda tacky for someone who doesn’t need the money. Julia Robert about to do ads for Stop & Shop?

    • The_IT_Crone says:

      It’s tacky to support/plug small businesses? WHAT?

    • Rachacha says:

      Spoken like someone who has never been to Wegmans.

      I don’t know if I would classify Wegmans as “Small”…Small in number compared to the National brands like Safeway and Whole Foods, sure (Wegmans has about 75 stores, Safeway has 1,725, Whole Foods has about 300 locations), but as far as Revenue Wegmans is bringing in 15 Billion, Safeway 41 Billion and Whole Foods 9 Billion. Wegmans is bringing in $200M per store compared with Safeway’s $23.8M per store and Whole Food’s $30M per store. They are obviously doing something right and are rapidly expanding their market from Upstate NY to a good portion of the East coast

    • missy070203 says:

      are you kidding!…. I love Wegmans! their produce section is the best in my town… and their deli is filled with awesomeness!

  7. hmburgers says:

    The guy is a prick… I turn off things when I see his smug face or hear his annoying voice…

    In fact, I pay $15.95/mo for a DVR just for the ability to fast forward over anything involving him, or several other actor-become-products which the networks like to shove into our brains at every possible location. NBC seems to be the worst violator with their SNL present and formers…

    • DariusC says:

      Apparently, you can be a prick by having a “smug face” and “annoying voice”. Jeez, bad day? I don’t know him and he’s probably not a saint, but a prick? Did he rape your churches and burn your women?

      • TheMansfieldMauler says:

        No, he really is a prick.

        Here’s a recording he left for his daughter:

        Or go ahead and defend that if you want…

    • framitz says:

      He’s well beyond the ‘prick’ stage, I won’t ever purchase any product he or his family advertises.

      • Kitty with attitude says:

        He is a poor choice for a spokesperson. His actions have not shown him in a favorable light.

  8. Hartwig says:

    Hopefully more companies do this. Seems like a few people complaining have made decisions for many companies, even if those people weren’t customers anyway. I am looking at you PTC

  9. larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

    Lowe’s could learn something from Wegmans.

  10. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDave‚Ñ¢ says:

    And Reddit takes responsibility for this as well.

  11. ToddMU03 says:

    Who are the selfish little pigs that complained?

  12. Kishi says:

    Okay, question for people who have Wegmans- what are they? Are they just like a regular grocery store or what? I have a friend who’s thinking of moving to Phoenix, and Wegmans was pretty much the only thing she was disappointed to find out we didn’t have here…

  13. jpdanzig says:

    Perhaps these flip-flops are proving the latest attention-getting gimmicks for companies. IMO bringing back Baldwin was the worst move Wegman’s made since making him their spokesman in the first place. I have no use for any product or company this abusive ass clown advertises, and unfortunately that includes NPR.

  14. Cicadymn says:

    Wegmans, the Romney of stores.

  15. WR says:

    everyone loves his schweddy balls!

  16. tvh2k says: