Punish And Reward Your Own Behavior To Save Money

If you want to start saving but know you lack the discipline to stash money away, you’ll need to come up with ways to trick yourself into getting into the mood. An ongoing game of mental solitaire could end up being quite profitable.

Admitting her methods are weird, the writer at Well Heeled Blog shares her quirky ways of fooling herself into frugality:

* Pay yourself for eating in. Whenever she eats brunch in rather than going out, she puts the $15 to $20 she would have spent into a savings account.

* Save the money you glean from returns. When she returns an item to a store, she transfers the money to savings rather than leaving it in her account, vulnerable to impulse spending.

* “Spend” money you almost wasted on savings. When she window shops and stops herself short of buying something she really wants, she sends the amount she would have spent to her savings account.

Weird Saving Tricks I Use [Well Heeled Blog]

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