BP Suing Halliburton To Pick Up The $42 Billion Tab For Oil Spill Clean Up

BP is pointing the finger at Halliburton as the company that should be footing the approximately $42 billion bill for cleaning up the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. BP claims Halliburton should cover costs because they were the ones who cemented the failed well.

According to Reuters, BP’s court filing says they’re seeking to recover costs and expenses from cleaning up the oil spill, lost profits, and “all other costs and damages incurred by BP related to the Deepwater Horizon incident and resulting oil spill.”

The $42 billion is just an estimate, as the suit does not list a specific amount of money. It also doesn’t explain why this suit is different from one they initiated last year, which is when that amount of money was first brought up. Late last year, BP was busy blaming Halliburton for destroying test results involving the well’s cementing that they said proved it was an unstable mix.

So far, BP has shelled out $14 billion in the Gulf Coast area to make up for the spill, which pumped millions of barrels of oil into the water and killed 11 workers. BP says they have also set aside $20 billion for “economic claims and natural resource restoration.”

BP sues Halliburton over $42 billion oil spill bill [Reuters]

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