Foods That May Help Keep You Cancer-Free

Everything you put into your body has some effect on your health and well-being. Some foods are believed to lower the risk of cancer. While there’s nothing you can eat that will insure you don’t get sick, you can stack the odds in your favor by adjusting your diet.

My Thirty Spot recommends foods with potential cancer-preventing qualities. Among her suggestions:

* Garlic. Research suggests that eating a clove of garlic each day lowers your risk of bladder, colon and stomach cancers.

* Carrots. Antioxidants from carrots, available in pill form or the root itself, are said to help fortify your body against cancer risk.

* Black pepper. A quarter-teaspoon a day is believed to be enough to help destroy abnormal, potentially cancerous cells.

5 Foods to Help Stay Cancer Free [My Thirty Spot]

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