Spanish Shoppers Strip Down To Skivvies To Score Free Clothes

Shoppers will go to great lengths to score a good sale, and one Spanish store took that idea one step further for a recent promotion: Desigual in Madrid celebrated their January sale by handing out a free outfit to the first 100 shoppers to enter the store sporting only underwear.

The store’s website, via the Huffington Post, cites the procedure as thus: Be one of the first 100 in line wearing skivvies, go in at 9 a.m. when the store opens, look around and pick out one top and one bottom, and head to the cashier, where the alarms will be removed from your outfit. Done and done and now you have an outfit to wear out of the store.

Madrid’s dedicated discount lovers came out in chilly temperatures and stripped down to wait in line, which was all dutifully captured by photographers. Soon they might not be only ones willing to bare almost all for a good deal — San Francisco’s Desigual store is said to be hosting the promotion soon as well.

Semi-Naked Shoppers Line Up For Free Clothes At Desigual In Madrid [Huffington Post]


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  1. George4478 says:

    With my body, I get free clothes whenever I go into a store in my underwear. Any store.

  2. SilverBlade2k says:

    Why can’t this happen in my city?

    • ARP says:

      Obesity Rates in Spain v. the US make this much less appealing to me in the US. Now if they did it at some college town or some other historically “fit” city, you may have a better chance.

  3. ElizabethD says:

    This would have worked great at the old Filene’s Basement.

  4. Difdi says:

    It would be a much more impressive promotion if they did it in, say, Norway rather than Spain.

    Of course, frost bite and the odd fatality might have put a damper on the party…

  5. Bodger says:

    Disqualified! We didn’t say you could wear shoes and socks. Out of the queue, now!

  6. Awesome McAwesomeness says:

    Desigual is awesome. I would show up there in my undies if they were offering a free outfit.

  7. tundey says:

    How awkward would it be for the 101st person in line?

  8. Conformist138 says:

    I see cheaters in bikinis! Seriously, it’s too obvious when you also wear the sarong!