USPS Delivers Christmas Gift 371 Days Late

A woman in Florida recently received a Christmas gift from her daughter in Arkansas, but she isn’t waiting until Dec. 25 to open it. Why? Because the Postal Service was supposed to have delivered in time for last Christmas.

On December 10, 2010, the woman’s daughter watched as her local post office prepared the priority mail shipment and sent it on its way. That was the last anyone saw of it until it showed up at her mom’s in the last week.

“I was furious. I didn’t want to hurt my parents” by having them think I didn’t send a Christmas gift,” the daughter tells She was so angry, she began driving 25 miles out of her way to use a different post office.

After finally receiving her low-priority mail, the mom thinks that what may have happened is that it got lost at the post office it was originally destined for, and that it was likely found when that office was closed down in late November.

Regardless, she is very amused by the fact that it eventually popped up after more than a year. She even made sure to save the top of the box as proof of her tale.

A rep for USPS apologized and said, “It is not the type of service we try to provide.”

That’s right, because usually the package is just gone forever.

Included in the box was a gift card which the daughter worries might have expired in the year-plus that it’s been sitting unused. But the USPS rep says the Postal Service can provide a letter explaining to the retailer that the package was delayed.

We can’t wait to write the follow-up story about this poor woman trying to explain this story while standing at the cashier at some local retailer.

Postal Service delivers Christmas gift to Indian River family — one year late []

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