How To Upload 3D Videos Taken On A Nintendo 3DS To YouTube

Earlier this year, Nintendo released a 3DS firmware update that allowed the device to record 3D videos. Uploading the videos to YouTube without editing them will end in disappointment, because they won’t look right.

Nerd Mentality checks in with a comprehensive tutorial to help 3DS owners put their videos online and make them look the way they were intended.

The 3DS doesn’t allow you to upload videos directly to YouTube, so you’ll first have to transfer the file to your computer. From there on, the technical details fly over my head, so I’ll quote the tutorial:

So what you need to do is take the video you have now and change it into a 1920×1080 video displayed in side by side 3D with a H.264 AVC video encoding. Again, if you don’t know what this means, don’t worry, that’s what this tutorial’s for!

So there you have it. Just do what you’re told and everything will work out OK.

TUTORIAL – How to Get Your Nintendo 3DS 3D Video to YouTube and Display PROPERLY in 3D [NerdMentality via Kotaku]

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