3 Steps To A Financially Successful 2012


If you’ve decided 2012 will be the year you get your finances in order, you’ll need to take concrete steps toward making that goal a reality. It takes sound, consistent choices to chug along in the right direction.

Frugal Beautiful offers three tips to get you off to a proper start:

* Cut out the excess. Focusing on money takes time and energy, so it helps to do away with unproductive hobbies and habits. You’ll also need to take the time to develop a coherent, realistic budget that will serve as your map to success.

* Don’t stick your head in the sand when you fail. Realize that you’re going to screw up at some point, but the setback doesn’t have to send you into a tailspin. When you blow your budget or make a poor investment choice, it’s easy to give up and proceed as though there’s nothing wrong. It’s tougher to make yourself aware of your choices and their consequences, then resume the discipline it takes to claw out of your hole.

* Do things differently. If you don’t like where your past choices and practices have brought you, shake things up. Consider financial moves that are out of your comfort zone, then study up and make your play. Find someone in your life who seems to have things together, then emulate that person and ask for coaching along the way.

3 Fast Track Tips To Get Your Finances Straight This Year [Frugal Beautiful]

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