ThinkGeek Makes Christmas Possible For Cancer Patient & Family

For Consumerist reader Tashi and her husband, Wash, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer only a few months after they wed, perusing the ThinkGeek catalog was something they would do to amuse themselves and keep their spirits up — even if they couldn’t really afford to buy most of the items they coveted. But when the people at ThinkGeek got wind of the young couple’s ordeal, they decided to play Santa.

Earlier this week, an entire gift bag of goodies arrived from ThinkGeek. And beyond being a huge boon to Tashi and Wash, it also allowed them to share in the holiday spirit by giving gifts to people who would not have received them otherwise.

Writes Tashi in her thank you letter to ThinkGeek:

The material things that we received from ThinkGeek were wonderful. Far more than the actual items, though, is something that is truly priceless. Wash does not have many Christmases left, if any, and to be able to give and receive fun, quirky presents, to be able to spend Christmas without the cloud of brain cancer hovering over us, is something that we could not have expected and cannot possibly express sufficient gratitude for…

We have so much appreciation for your company. This action epitomizes for me what our geek culture stands for; unity and community. My husband has a rare cancer for his age, but he does not feel “alone”. He is part of something so much bigger and you have helped to show that. You see your customers as people first, and that is a rare commodity these days.

Tashi tells Consumerist she’s not exactly sure how ThinkGeek found them, though she believes that someone must have sent a link to their blog to the company, which then contacted her via Twitter.

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