Jeep Mind Trick: There Is No Navigation System/Stereo In Your Car

It doesn’t matter that Steven is looking right at the sophisticated navigation system/stereo that came with his 2010 Jeep. It doesn’t matter that the technicians at the Jeep dealership can see the system with their very own eyes. It’s not there. Chrysler’s records, based on his VIN, say that he doesn’t have it, and they won’t give him the upgrade disc needed to make it sync with his iPhone. You can’t upgrade something that isn’t there.

Steven, clearly delusional, writes:

I purchased a brand new 2010 Jeep with a Navigation system/radio. The radio was supposed to work with the iPhone. I found a link on Jeep’s website that there is a software upgrade available to fix the issue. In order to receive the upgrade it requires the VIN number of the car. When I enter my VIN in, it says that I do not have this radio and therefore am not eligible for the DVD.

I brought my car into the dealership and they told me that even though they see I have this radio, they will not upgrade the software because in their system it says I have a different radio. I reached out to the Chyrsler help center and they told me that I have a different radio in their system so they are sorry but cannot help me. I called back numerous times and sent numerous emails to them with no response.

The fastest way to get your hands on this disc may be to visit Jeep (or iPhone) forums and ask to borrow or buy a copy of the upgrade DVD. If what you really want is to force Chrysler to acknowledge reality, though, maybe phoning up some executives will help.

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